Larry & Nina Thiel

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Stockton, CA and IV's Pacific Region since 1996. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1983.

Larry: Associate Regional Director/Pacific Region

Nina: Assistant Area Director supervising Team Stockton/Capitol Valley Area.

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Prayer Requests

  • Larry as teaches freshman and seniors at University of the Pacific as well as a ministry of pastoring and coaching five Intervarsity area directors.

  • Pray for Nina as she is the Interim Area Director for Intervarsity for “Area 99” that covers six campuses. She is coaching and pastoring Intervarsity staff from UOP to Merced.

  • Pray for young IV staff to grow in their leadership and vision.

  • Pray for students from every corner of the campuses to meet Jesus.

  • Pray for additional financial and prayer supporters for their ministry.