Planning is underway for the launch of the IMMERSE , The Bible Reading Experience, scheduled to being in February, 2018.

Immerse: The Reading Bible is a six-volume, specially-formatted Bible created with one goal in mind: to provide the best Bible reading experience possible. By reading together twice a year, your church can read through all six volumes—the entire Bible—in three years. Then, start again! With Immerse, you can make the Bible central to your church’s identity and life together.

IMMERSE Introductory Video


  • Encourages the extended reading of Scripture with a tool especially designed for reading comfortably and at length.
  • Encourages engagement with the grand narrative of Scripture, inviting readers to make the Bible's great drama of restoration and new life the story of their lives too.
  • Encourages a regular and deep reading of Scripture, which uncovers the spiritual light and practical wisdom that God wants to provide for all his people.
  • Encourages people to read and listen to God's word together in groups, fostering rich community with others and a deeper communion with God.
  • Encourages people to read the Bible intensively in two 8-week sessions each year, still allowing room for other activities and studies in their community's annual cycle.
  • Provides structured reading plans, introductory videos, and other printed and online tools that help leaders to easily guide the reading and reflection process.
  • Encourages people to read through the entire Bible in a regular 3-year rhythm, leading to a lifetime of engagement in God's word.