The Gospel is too good not to share. We hope your enjoy our sermons and share them with those who may not be physically able to attend church, or share with those who just need to hear the truth and beauty of Jesus.


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Deeper in Christ, Bolder in Witness, Further in Mission

What is our purpose as a local church? Why do we exist here in Stockton as the body of Christ? The book of Acts will help us answer these questions. This book, written by Luke, tells the story of the birthing of the church by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that the people of God in response to his love and in the power of the Spirit, join in God's mission for the salvation of the world - all for the glory of God! And the story is still being written today - through churches just like ours. Are you ready for God to do something new among us and through us? Listen along with your Bible in-hand as we explore God's Word together!


Ordinary People – Extraordinary Grace

Listen along as we dive into this series from Pastor Wayne Carlson and guest speakers.