Pastor Haley Neiderhiser

Pastor Haley moved to Stockton in October 2013. She was excited about the opportunity to serve in a multicultural community and use Spanish in ministry. She was drawn to the direction that Stockton Covenant is going to focus on reaching out to our community, our “parish”, while at the same time the focus on reaching out to our world. Haley also enjoys the focus on growing deeper in Christ, and invite and challenge others to do so also. Haley loves introducing students to Jesus, encouraging them to follow Him and inspiring them to think globally about the Kingdom of God.

Haley moved to Stockton from Cedar Rapids, IA. Prior to arriving at StoCo, Haley worked with students at New Covenant Bible Church, and served overseas in La Ceiba, Honduras. With experience in Hispanic and cross-cultural ministries, various teaching venues and in drama and arts ministries, Haley has developed a vast ministry portfolio in her young career.

Haley’s parents still live in Cedar Rapids and her brother lives in Colorado. During her free time Haley loves physical activities like tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and basketball as well as more cerebral activities like museums, reading, and watching documentaries.

Haley graduated from Huntington University with a Bachelors degree in Youth Ministry.