2018.06.24 – Ali Hasan – “Manifestations of the Transformed Life”

Sermon Text

Romans 12:1-8

Today’s Take Away

The transformed life occurs in community where each person expresses his or her faith, through the unique gifting of the Spirit as a member of the the body of Christ.

Questions for Thought/Application:


  1. What is the hardest area in your list to sacrifice over to God?  Why?
  2. What spiritual gifts, abilities, and resources do you possess and how have they defined your role in the church body? Are you currently using those gifts and abilities for God?  Why or why not?

Our Church

  1. Is StoCo a generous church? Why or why not?
  2. As StoCo seeks to “Make Disciples who make disciples,” what does it look like to help people “discern for deployment?”

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