Friends of StoCo in Mission

Friends of StoCo in Mission

Below is a list of fellow Christians in World Mission who are supported by people from our Stockton Covenant Church community. We have listed them in alphabetical order, including the organization with whom they partner as well as the StoCo people you can contact for more information. We have only listed missionaries (not organizations) and those not supported directly by our congregation. Join us in prayer for them, also.

Bruce & Denise Beckhart, Frontiers (ministry that focuses on pastoral care to missionaries), John & Sharon Piasecki; Lani Schiff-Ross

Cathy Campobello, ECC Serve Globally – Colombia (training worship leaders, women’s ministry leaders and community development ministries), Bud & Kara Locke

Jennifer Engelkemier, World Venture – Thailand (language development & Bible translation), Haley Neiderhiser

Carl & Julie Geade, Tutapona (trauma counseling in Uganda, South Sudan, and Iraq), Cori & Jeremy Sinclair

Tom Khazoyan, Pioneers (global media producer, director and teacher raising up and discipling new visual storytelling in unreached places), John & Sharon Piasecki

Michael Kim-Eubanks, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – U.C. Berkeley (outreach and discipleship to students and staff, developing leaders), John & Elizabeth Mayberry

Leonard Lee, LINC Ministries (writes curriculum & trains pastors globally), Bud & Kara Locke

Amy Mich, Young Life International – France (ministering to youth and training adults to minister to youth), Haley Neiderhiser

Benson Ocen, I Live Again – ILA, Uganda (trauma counseling, relocation after displacement, helping Acholi and other people affected by war in Africa), Jeremy & Cori Sinclair, Peter & Lynette Marston, Bud & Kara Locke

Gary & Mary Lou Sander, ECC Serve Globally – Colombia (train and care for pastors and their families, assist in Advocates for Victims of Abuse), Bud & Kara Locke

Bree Hsieh, Servant Partners – Pomona, CA (seek Jesus together by living and serving among the world’s urban poor), John & Elizabeth Mayberry

Hank Stanley, His Island Outreach, Alpha Community Church - Roatán, Honduras (pastor a church community, oversee community development projects, provide education and job development among indigenous islanders), Bud & Kara Locke

Javier & Yu-Shuan Tarango-Sho, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – UC Berkeley (outreach and discipleship to students and staff, developing leaders), John & Elizabeth Mayberry

Santosh Thomas, Kashmir Evangelical Fellowship (training missionaries and church planters in the northernmost regions of India), Pastor Bud & Kara Locke

Rezah Zadeh, Athletes in Action/CRU – Colorado State University (outreach to college athletes, athletic & teaching staff, students with Muslim backgrounds and professional athletes), Bud & Kara Locke